Collaborate faster and more accurately with your clients and shorten your production cycles using eProof. Stop costly miscommunications caused by sending documents and changes by email, ftp and even courier.

Easily proofread, correct and annotate in real time the original high-resolution production files or other documents using your standard web browser.

Change the original text of e.g. Microsoft Word, PDF, or Postscript documents in the browser. Work remotely together with others on the same document at the same time and see each others corrections immediately.

New ultra fast RapidImageView Image Streaming Technology for quickly delivering remote hard-proofsand viewing gigabytes of high-resolution files in seconds over a dial-up connection. It providescolor-accurate online proofing in the colors of the printing press, which guarantees that you don't hear the remark "the proof looks much better than the printed job" again. The high-resolution streaming ensures that low-resolution OPI images, missing fonts, trapping problems etc. will be detected before the job goes to the press and before a lot of money is wasted.

Color-accurate high-resolution remote proofing guarantees that your clients can quickly get a correct view of your high quality work and thus improves customer satisfaction.

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